Essex – A Place to Find a Professional Web Design Agency

It is common knowledge that before starting to make profit from an online business, you need to work hard to build this business. To have a professional, well-branded and effective website, you will need to think of the right website design. Since you cannot do it yourself, you need to hire a specialized company. When doing this, you might be tempted to outsource the project to a frontier market, because the prices are lower, but think again. Quality comes at a price and if you want professional results that live up to the expectations of the Web 2.0 environment, you should hire a designer from a town an area such as Essex. From many points of view, this English county can be seen as the Silicon Valley of Europe, thanks to the high concentration of IT firms. Here are the main reasons why web design in Essex is turning into a profitable industry and why you should trust the specialists in this region.

What few people know about Essex is that it is mainly an agricultural area, typical of the British countryside. However, the south compensates through its high level of industrialisation. Regions such as Brentwood have been chosen as headquarters by several world-class IT companies and you would be surprised to find out that even small providers work by international standards. Six years ago, the region made the list of the 20 most prosperous in the country, which serves to show that the economy is quite strong. Clients who live nearby are strongly advised to choose the local alternative, because they can have a closer relationship with service providers.

The average web design agency in Essex has staff that consists of designers, as well as testers, marketing and branding experts, which means that you will be receiving much more than a simple .jpg file with the design: you will receive advanced marketing solutions that will help you define your online culture. Being home to approximately 100 public and private educational institutions, including the University of Essex and the University Campus Suffolk, the area offers many computer science graduates every year. Therefore, most service providers are young, motivated and flexible. You can expect high quality results and also affordable prices. Although it’s true that there are some Eastern and Asian countries that offer lower rates, it’s important to point out that the price-quality ratio is balanced and that you will be receiving your money’s worth. Besides, Essex companies also offer extensive support, so you can keep in touch with the provider even after the project is over.

The best regions in Essex in terms of IT and web design professionals are Brentwood and Chelmsford. As a final point, they operate by similar standards with the British capital, but the prices are lower. In conclusion, if you are thinking of launching a website and you need help with the web design and branding process, Essex is an excellent place to start your search. As you will see from the many statistics that have been elaborated and the large number of satisfied customers, this area offers numerous perspectives for corporate clients.

Famous Graduates From the University of Essex

Much is written of those who have graduated from Oxford and Cambridge, but all universities have their share of famous and celebrated alumni. The University of Essex is no exception. For a less famous UK university, it has a diverse range of internationally successful graduates who are each masters of their own field.

Oscar Arias is the president of Costa Rica in Central America. He graduated from Essex in 1974 with a doctorate in Political Science but since then has received over fifty honorary degrees from other institutions. In 1987 he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his impact on civil wars and fighting in and around the region. He is also commended for his reintroduction of SATs to the Costa Rican education system. In recent years and amidst some controversy Arias has been re-elected as president of Costa Rica.

In a different industry altogether Mike Leigh has no less of a social conscience. After graduating from – and meeting his wife at – the East 15 Acting School in Essex he went on to start writing and directing his own plays in 1965. In 1977 he wrote Abigail’s Party, a social critique of the new middle class of the time. Leigh then moved into feature films and in 1984 directed the movie, Meantime, which is also notable as being the acting debut of a young Gary Oldman. He won the Best Director award at Cannes in 1993 for Naked and Best Film at Venice
Film Festival in 2004 for Vera Drake.

Another notable Media graduate from Essex is documentarian Nick Broomfield…but he didn’t actually graduate in Media. Interestingly, like Arias, Broomfield graduated in Political Science before picking up his trusty boom-mic. It was in 1988 with his film, Driving Me Crazy, that Broomfield truly established his signature style, the movie almost focuses as much on the processes of making the documentary as the story and subject itself. His influence on documentary film making is broadly realized when one notes the recent work of Michael Moore
and Morgan Spurlock.

Our final famous graduate from the University of Essex is Ben Okri. Although arguably lesser known in the UK, Okri is widely regarded as one of Africa’s greatest writers. In 1991 he won the Booker Prize for his novel The Famished Road, a story of magical realism about a spirit child living in an unnamed Nigerian city. Now living in London. In 2007 he released his 11th novel: Starbook.

Online Educators Have a Bright Future

Working from home has been the subject of water cooler conversations and tirades during traffic jams for many years, but these were merely speculation and wishful thinking until a few short years ago. The modern electronic world has set the stage for a variety of fields to take advantage of the versatility of a virtual workforce, and more and more companies and larger organizations are beginning to realize this. Online employment is growing at a phenomenal rate and is also spreading out to more markets and disciplines than ever before, including the healthcare industries and education departments of the world.

Online education has also grown in credibility, applicability, and physical numbers with more universities and colleges including at least some part of the curriculum through an online learning resource. The rise in online education has subsequently increased demand upon the programmers and web developers to create them and also the instructors needed to administer them, which results in a great marketplace for those with an educational or technical background seeking online opportunities.

Opportunities in Online Education

Online education has grown from a few correspondence courses to entire degree and graduate study programs in just a few short decades, and the demand for those with the abilities to create and apply them have increased dramatically. Educators can now seriously consider legitimate positions from University of Essex jobs and tenures to online tutoring of students across the world, and just about anything in between. Educational establishments all across the world are now cooperating with each other and with other resources to ensure the best opportunities that modern conveniences can provide, and there will be a continued need for experienced staff in a variety of applications.

Online educators from administrators to classroom teachers can find very lucrative and influential opportunities that range from enacting policies and procedures to having a real input on the education process and its materials, and maybe even helping the educator to learn a thing or two themselves. For those with a background in classroom teaching, there are many more opportunities available with the many different online tutoring programs that are becoming more popular every day.

Opportunities in Healthcare

Another of the fastest growing online workforces is in the healthcare industry, with positions from consulting, online pharmacists, and medical coders just to name a few. The healthcare industry has exploded in the last few decades and the race to catch up with technology is an ongoing one, healthcare jobs UK, in the United States, and most other developed countries have been in great demand for some time, and with emergence of the Internet and its accompanying technologies, hundreds of new roles become available each day.

One of the best opportunities in healthcare right now, particularly for the home-based worker, is in the medical coding field due to the increased reliance on technology within the healthcare field as a whole. Many of these positions are perfect home-based positions where coders match the right procedures, medications, billing, and other aspects to their respective codes for records, treatment, and even insurance purposes.