What University Has the Highest Enrollment?

In June The Times released The Good University Guide 2009 which ranks the top Universities in the UK on such factors as student satisfaction, research quality, and the ratio between students and staff. Although many elements must be taken into account when deciding which institution to apply for, it occurred to me that one of the most popular questions asked online concerns simply the number of students enrolling at our universities. The following discusses a selection of the listed universities in regards to their Times rankings, as well as the number of students enrolling.

Imperial College London. The highest ranking of the big city colleges, The Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine has held its spot at number three for another year in The Times rankings. Founded just over a hundred years ago, as the college turned a century there were 13,410 students in total with 5,060 studying at postgraduate level. The institution is located in South Kensington and the current acceptance rate of undergraduate admissions is 17.5 per cent.

University of Birmingham. In terms of the second most highly populated city in England, The University of Birmingham currently ranks the highest according to The Times at number 25. In comparison to Imperial the student staff ratio is lower but the intake of students is far greater. In the year 06/07 the total amount of students was 30,415 with 11,935 taking postgraduate studies. As of 2008, the institution has now split into five colleges, each with its own specialism.

University of Essex. So to find the better student to staff ratio should you choose to enroll at a smaller university? The up and coming University of Essex follows this rule with a ratio of 14.1 students per staff member. The Higher Education Statistic Agency published that for 2006 – 2007 there were 11,660 students in total with 3,305 postgraduates enrolled. Although a relatively young university, the institution is also becoming highly regarded in terms of online education.

University of Oxford. The highest ranking according to The Times, the University of Oxford remains at number one for another year. This honour comes from a combination of a good student to staff ratio of 11.6 and a very high satisfaction percentage among students at 84 per cent. From 2006 to 2007 there were 19,070 students in total with over a third being postgraduates. Acceptance of students from state schools in 2006 was 25 per cent.

Essex – A Place to Find a Professional Web Design Agency

It is common knowledge that before starting to make profit from an online business, you need to work hard to build this business. To have a professional, well-branded and effective website, you will need to think of the right website design. Since you cannot do it yourself, you need to hire a specialized company. When doing this, you might be tempted to outsource the project to a frontier market, because the prices are lower, but think again. Quality comes at a price and if you want professional results that live up to the expectations of the Web 2.0 environment, you should hire a designer from a town an area such as Essex. From many points of view, this English county can be seen as the Silicon Valley of Europe, thanks to the high concentration of IT firms. Here are the main reasons why web design in Essex is turning into a profitable industry and why you should trust the specialists in this region.

What few people know about Essex is that it is mainly an agricultural area, typical of the British countryside. However, the south compensates through its high level of industrialisation. Regions such as Brentwood have been chosen as headquarters by several world-class IT companies and you would be surprised to find out that even small providers work by international standards. Six years ago, the region made the list of the 20 most prosperous in the country, which serves to show that the economy is quite strong. Clients who live nearby are strongly advised to choose the local alternative, because they can have a closer relationship with service providers.

The average web design agency in Essex has staff that consists of designers, as well as testers, marketing and branding experts, which means that you will be receiving much more than a simple .jpg file with the design: you will receive advanced marketing solutions that will help you define your online culture. Being home to approximately 100 public and private educational institutions, including the University of Essex and the University Campus Suffolk, the area offers many computer science graduates every year. Therefore, most service providers are young, motivated and flexible. You can expect high quality results and also affordable prices. Although it’s true that there are some Eastern and Asian countries that offer lower rates, it’s important to point out that the price-quality ratio is balanced and that you will be receiving your money’s worth. Besides, Essex companies also offer extensive support, so you can keep in touch with the provider even after the project is over.

The best regions in Essex in terms of IT and web design professionals are Brentwood and Chelmsford. As a final point, they operate by similar standards with the British capital, but the prices are lower. In conclusion, if you are thinking of launching a website and you need help with the web design and branding process, Essex is an excellent place to start your search. As you will see from the many statistics that have been elaborated and the large number of satisfied customers, this area offers numerous perspectives for corporate clients.

Researching A Company And Knowing The Importance Of Customization Is Important

True or false? Researching a particular company before you apply for a job vacancy has no value.

False! A lot of people who are searching for job vacancies in Essex believe this, and many of them are very disappointed when they end up not getting called back after an interview, assuming they get an interview to begin with. You will enhance your chances greatly of finding job vacancies in Essex if you take a little bit of time to research your potential employer first. You will then be able to convey this information to them when you go on the interview. It will also help you to get the interview to begin with.

True or false? You cannot tailor your search when you decide to use platforms such as job search websites.

False! The main benefit of looking for job vacancies in Essex by using job search sites is your ability to use their advanced search function to customize your job search. You will be able to look at important factors such as the position, company names along with the distance of a given company. You will also be able to learn about how much a given job is paying and when the job was posted. When you do these things you are able to target your search far better and increase your success rate.

It doesn’t matter how you answered the questions, whether you were right or wrong. The only purpose of this article is to educate you so that you are able to look for job vacancies in Essex with far more effectiveness. When you’re able to do this you will not be just another resume on a job search site hoping for a response. You will be one of the few that are getting more responses than you ever could have hoped for you.